Month: September 2013

Blue Collar Boys

Caleb Johnson says he’ll do anything for a job. And he means anything! Evan Parker takes Caleb into his workshop and teaches the naive teen exactly what to do with a stiff board. Caleb is an apt pupil as Evan hammers home the lesson with his clean shaven cock. Watch Evan’s washboard abs ripple while drilling Caleb’s tight little ass until he blows his load all over the shop floor. Starring: Caleb Johnson, Evan Parker

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Tristan Stiles Fucks Ian Dempsey

Ian Dempsey. Tristan Stiles. Kissing. Blowing. Bare fucking. Do you need to know anything else? OK. What about Ian’s pink, soft tongue coated with Tristan’s hot jizz? And more kissing after that!

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Bumfuck Nowhere 4: Cabin for Three

The twink camping trip comes to a smoldering conclusion with a Bumfuck Nowhere threesome. After a night of dirty sex, smooth city boy Scotty Clarke needs to wash up giving muscle jock Conner Maguire another opportunity to seduce Nicholas Reed. The morning after session gets into the heavy anal pounding when Matthew Keading returns to the cabin from his own late night rendezvous. Matthew’s double blow job brings new meaning to a “fresh hot breakfast” when he takes both dripping loads from the mountain men in his eager mouth. Starring: Connor Maguire, Matthew Keading, Nicholas Reed

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Ayden Troy & Gabe Parrillo

Ayden Troy gives newbie Gabe Parrillo some man-on-man training while both share some shower time. Gabe is uncomfortable at first, but soon enough he starts grooving to what Ayden is doing. Watch the loads both lads shoot at the end of this wet, hot, scene.

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Show Us Your Meat

I’m not a huge fan of amateur disembodied dick shots unless the lad has something special to offer. He has to be either fit or well hung or, ideally, both. Then I’m more than interested.
Are these blokes advertising for hookups? Or are they bragging? Perhaps both. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? One of them might be someone you know, but then you’d never know.

Dick Dorm

Bumfuck Nowhere 1: The Tent

Twinks Scotty Clarke, Matthew Keading and Nicholas Reed can’t wait to get out of town as they speed away in their red hot convertible for a wild party weekend in Las Vegas. The road trip takes a detour when the boys find themselves lost in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere. They decide to make the best of their misfortune and hole up in a quaint cabin for the night. Scotty quickly gets bored and decides to get some fresh air when muscle jock Connor Maguire spies the hapless blond boy. Connor seduces Scotty into following him back to his campsite where they get down and dirty sucking dick, licking ass and fucking all over the tent! Starring: Connor Maguire, Scotty Clarke

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Today we caught Powell sleeping in our guest bedroom and of course we were elated to have a sleeping hottie just lying there waiting for us.

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