Month: November 2014

Street Hookup

Have you ever felt an instant attraction to a stranger? You’re walking down the street when your eyes lock. You picture his naked body under his clothes. You wonder what his dick looks like. You imagine how it would feel to have him behind you; his long, hard cock rubbing against your ass crack, begging to slide in. What if you decided you couldn’t ignore this powerful desire and just took him home? What if it turned out to be the most incredible fuck you’ve ever had? Introducing Helix newcomer Zach Taylor in his encounter with sexy stud Jacob Dixon. For these twinks, it’s lust at first sight. Starring: Jacob Dixon, Zach Taylor

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Beach Bang

There’s something truly beautiful about a summer fling that involves nothing more than catching a cute boy’s eye, luring him away from his friends and sneaking back to your Uncle’s beachside bungalow for a quick fuck. The summer sun helps melt away inhibitions and turns innocent tanning twinks into wild, can’t-be-tamed thrill-seekers setting the stage for a phenomenon known as the “Beach Bang”. Evan Parker and Damien Wolfe help bring summer vacation to a satisfying end with their own afternoon Beach Bang. Evan gets Damien away from his buddies long enough to suggest they ditch the seagulls and sandcastles for a no strings attached sex romp. Their sun drenched play time is hedonism at its finest as the boys suck and fuck the day away leaving a lingering smell of sweat, salt and sex lingering in the warm summer air. Starring: Evan Parker, Damien Wolfe

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