Month: June 2015

Czech Hunter 191

Today something very crazy happened to me. Met two boys, one was fast and resolutely said no and fuck off. The second one was very special. I have seen him kissing his girlfriend and walking back home with some groceries. I’ve stopped him and start to talk to him. Young, kinda girly type. A stylist as he said. I had a feeling that there is something not right about him. Or maybe too right. After some chat he confused that he has an affair with a man before. That was like a vulcano eruption in me. I knew he will be down to fuck and I’ve decided to fuck his brains out. His girlfriend at work and us. Us fucking in their bedroom like the end of the world would be coming.

Czech Hunter


very nice comming

OMG ! with that delicious shoot this is fucking hot ! I could die a happy man choking on that load.

Dick Dorm


Teen boy Tristan

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Hans and Amir

I loved their pubic hair.

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Russian Schoolboy

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party BoyZ

All 3 guys are sexy and loved the 1st top . The 3rd guy should have bottomed since he was late for the party . But then again he made up for it when he shot his load . All in all great video . First top is my fav. The moaning was a bit much , he could have talked said something .

That Feels Big

Everybody has a hidden talent. For Matt Klein, it’s hula hooping. As in: he practices it daily, and he’s damn good at it. Today at the park, Matt is attempting to teach Blake how to hula hoop like a pro, with limited success. Although Blake doesn’t quite pick up the motion, he has a huge hidden talent of his own for which Matt’s skilled hip thrusting will soon come in handy. Back in the bedroom, Matt pulls out Blake’s enormous, hard cock and stretches his warm mouth around its full size. Matt can’t wait to get that big dick inside him and show off the full range of his talents.


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Nice cute uncut boys. I regard that as heaven.

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Gorgeous boys – very sexy fucking and sucking and loved that boys bum

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Skyelr Scores An Ace

Skyelr Bleu meets Ace Lockheart for the first time and the sparks really fly because it is obvious from the start of the scene that there is a genuine chemistry there.
From the moment the cameras start running these boys are obviously going to take their time in what is a more sensual start to a Helix scene with Ace’s tongue enjoying Skyelr’s nipple and abdomen….slow long strokes.
Once he gets Skyelr down to his briefs his mouth moves down his partner’s lithe body as he starts to rub his cock. Nuzzling into his balls Ace’s tongue again starts its great work and then he gets to work on Skyelr’s cock
and before long he has him throwing his head back as the tests his senses. Although Skyelr is enjoying Ace’s mouth he pushes him back and starts to show his great oral skills, especially munching on Lockheart’s lime green
briefs until he can no longer keep his cock out of his mouth. Geared up for boy sex, Skyelr rolls Ace onto his stomach and plunges his nice thick cock into Ace’s twink hole and digs in deep. His arse muscles flex as he
pushes through any resistance from Ace’s hole and then he mixes it up shallow followed by long slow thrusting. However, Skyelr loves the feeling of a cock in his arse and soon he is riding Lockheart and they both
finish the scene off with nice cum

The World of Boys

Making Greco Moan

When Greco is enjoying sex, he’s not shy about showing it. His constant, loud moaning in time with the deep thrusts of Kody’s long dick say he’s REALLY enjoying this particular pounding.

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Adorable Twinks

Two sweet young cocks. Lovely.

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