Month: August 2015

Czech Hunter 200

Honza called me that a boy he met around Christmas last year invited him for a BBQ party. He told Honza that 2 guys at that party have been already quite drunk and quite broke. Of course that boy expected some reward for this delicate information. Honza was busy so he sent me to this party instead. Once I paid a small amount – or lets call it reward – to the host he introduced me to the group. And then the party got started. After a bit of small talk and a couple of beers I tried to talk the first one into giving me a blowjob. He hesitated a lot and offered me to talk to one of his friends who was gay. But that would have been too easy. Instead I offered him more money if he could even convince his 2nd straight friend into some threesome action.

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Czech Hunter


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If there’s anything Jesse Montgomery & Jasper Robinson like as much music, it’s a tight hole and a thick piece of tube steak. In this hot bareback flip fuck performance, we see that their taste in music is only rivaled by their taste for each other as these big boned American Idols rock out raw and you “don’t wanna miss a thing!”

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