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Czech Hunter 194

I noticed him already a couple of minutes before. But as he looked very young I didn’t approach him at the first place. Just when I listened him calling a friend for a party in a club I had to try my luck and to find out his age. His name was Tomas, and he was 18, almost 19 to be correct. And a real cutie. He just moved to Prague to study Economics. Living from part-time jobs and the support of his family he showed some interest in my dirty offer. And I didn’t hesitate to make him an offer he couldn’t resist. He even couldn’t believe that someone would pay him for a blowjob. Yes, he didn’t even realize how cute he was. On the way to the hotel I asked him to show me his ID card – one more time checking that my luck was true. And later in the hotel… it was

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Czech Hunter

Post Play

This scene opens with a little post play interview to give the models a chance to share their thoughts about their work, their partner, and highlights from the day’s action. Then it’s back to the bedroom to see for ourselves just how it all went down. Logan Cross and Aiden Garcia are both incredibly sexy in very different ways and when combined, lead to absolute magic in the sack. Logan’s lips are soon to be legendary and only accentuate the flavor of whatever they’re pressed against. He’s a compact little package of perfection and his ready rump makes him every top’s dream. Aiden Garcia is sex on a stick and that stick is 9 inches long, thick and uncut. When he buries that big bare bone and begins to wail on little Logan, your spank meter is guaranteed to skyrocket. From doggy & froggy styles to creampie climax that baby is bound to be spurting through the roof.
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Pasha and Klark

The redhead “Pasha” is a real cutie. I love his facial expressions when he is on his back getting fucked at about 20:30. I love when my boyfriend does the same thing. 😉 Would have loved to have heard that instead of the music.

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Damien – God 4 u fags – a teenager

That was adorable. Nice boy show…small macho…really nice big dick and sexy ass…but bad quality…

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Bare russian twinks

Beautiful boys, love the way we saw right from discovering each other online and masturbating to each other’s pics, then the meet and finally the bottom goes for it. Really got into each other.

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Bayside Boys

After kicking it bayside on a cool SoCal Saturday, Grayson Lange & Troy Ryan return to the Helix beach house for some friendly fun of a different kind. A little mild mannered making out is all it takes to get Troy’s titanic trouser snake super stiff and for the lovely Lange to quickly begin to go to town. After the rookie cutie pie sufficiently feeds, Troy boy returns the favor on his buddy’s boner. The ravenous Ryan then moves on to some deep rimming action as this scene heats up more and more inch by inch.
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Love his cock, nipples and face.

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Interviewing Sexy Tyler – Tyler Thayer

Tyler is a very cute young twink into theater and the beach, and appearing on video of course!

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Great video the top is hot. Nice guys! the dark haired one can sure suck cock!

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